Music For Shuffle

Sketch #05

Just some playing about with a fast ostinato (instead of drone) plus slow beat as the main structural scaffolding. Also starting to think about acoustic drums, and making things sound less bleepy overall. There’s something nice about simply letting the digital stuff be digital – it doesn’t need to ‘sound’ electronic.

Download the MP3s here (5.5mb)

Everything feels a bit freer than the last few sketches, I think. With the artwork, I’m trying to convey a similar sense of space, and break down the rigidity of the previous stuff a bit. Maybe I should look into doing the artwork more directly by hand too. Drawings, prints or paintings, maybe.

I’m beginning to think that being able to half-listen to a sketch indefinitely for hours, when working or whatever, is a good measure of success. This one doesn’t get annoying quickly – that’s a good sign.