Music For Shuffle

Sketch #12

Messing around with samples a bit here. Actually, there’s only one sample. It’s just me whacking a glass bottle with a stick.

Download MP3s (6.8mb)

I set the computer up to trigger the sample at random (no bpm, no time signature or anything), then mangle it different ways (changing variables like pitch, speed, duration, cue point and so on). After setting it in motion, I just jammed along, adding some organ chords and cymbal bits. After a quick tidy (to structure things in a modular way), it came out sounding a bit Fridgey, but hey, at least I know how to avoid that in future.

I’ll probably do around fifty sketches before I work out what to do next. I don’t know where it’s all going. I’ve never really had an interest in putting a band together, coming up with a cool name, making a record, playing gigs or any of that stuff. Millions of people have done it before, and far better than I ever could.

It’s all been done to death anyway. Even the newest, weirdest, most sonically adventurous pop still seems to rely on knackered industry tropes in order to be heard by a decent number of people (hello Laurel Halo). Existing gig formats barely work for new (especially electronic) music. Everyone just looks like they’re checking their email. The most blogged-about bands are now passé before their debut gig, yet they go and put stuff out on vinyl and cassette. And so on. All that “simulacra yearning for authenticity through nostalgia” sort of thing that Retromania talks about. It’s probably something to do with gin and sitcoms.

Anyway. I’ll have a think about all of that a bit later.