Music For Shuffle

Sketch #18

Loads of work travel recently. Perfect musicking opportunities. Anyway, here’s a quick one. Each horizontal line represents an instrument (organ, bass, drums (kick, rim and hat), and two sort-of harp things at the bottom). A line is made up of blocks of individual phrases. When one phrase finishes playing, it chooses another at random and begins playing. The whole thing runs indefinitely.

It’s an hard thing to try to write harmony using fully independent lines, especially creating tension and release. I like how it slips in and out of rhythm though. Maybe there’s a way to make it snap out of fully modular randomness every now and again, playing occasional synchronized, memorable hooks.

Visually, I’m trying to show how the piece is structured, and what its current state is. It’d be nice to think about matching form/shape to pitch a bit more – you know, little shapes making high notes, big shapes making low notes and so on. The random horizontal swimminess is arbitrary, just to add a bit of liquid motion to everything.

It’s a bit insipid and lacking in poetry though. Maybe a bit too worked-into, and over-explained. I need to be careful to avoid getting too cerebral.

Anyway. Onwards.