Music For Shuffle

Sketch #21

A few software-based notation experiments, using randomizers, timers etc. I’ve been mostly been calling these things ‘animated notation’ but that only conveys part of it – they’re animated, yes, but they’re also non-linear, built in code and so on. ‘Digital notation’ might work better. Anyway, I did them with no idea of what they might sound like – it’s nice to imagine how a musician might interpret them.

There’s an interesting tension in all this stuff. I’m using modern tools to try and get to new ideas, but at the same time I’m keeping things very traditional: there’s a five-line staff, the pitch indication is western, equal temperament and so on. Maybe it’s about trying to keep a balance between the familiar and the new. ‘Tis the designer in me, I guess.

Anyway. Must keep working into this a bit more. It might make a decent little gallery show somewhere.