Music For Shuffle

Sketch #22

Quick one. Sampled some vocals from Liquid Air by Meredith Monk, chopped them up, did some random pitch-shifting and looping, and added a bit of reverb. Took about 20 minutes.

Download MP3s (7.7mb)

The first few sketches I did all used a drone for continuity between the phrases, so I’ve decided to try out some other techniques. Here, the empty space – the reverb – does the contextual work, locating everything in the same place.

I’m getting a bit more confident with use of effects now. I used to think of them as add-ons to the ‘real’ music (probably from spending so much time learning instruments as a kid), but once I started thinking of them as ways to make sound – musically equal to everything else – it freed me up a bit.

The visuals are satellite photos of centre-pivot irrigation circles from Gerco de Ruijter’s project Crops. I got his book Almost Nature a few months back and it is a thing of beauty.

That’s it for now. More vocals/lyrics experiments to come.